Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whistling in the Dark

A bit of a window here at the office as a transition planning meeting wraps up short so folks can head off to answer a few questions, buying me a small window of time.  So far things are going fairly smooth - a lot of meetings around the transition, some of them of questionable value, but otherwise fairly smooth.  I am spending most of my day (and tomorrow) in planning for the cutover validation under my umbrella. I don’t see anything particularly worrisome on the horizon.  It’s going to be a full weekend but it should go okay, at least for my portion of the pie.

I’ve been going to bed early this week, making sure that I am all stocked up on sleep, since cutover’s can be rough on the sleep schedule.  My personal load isn’t stacked but it is spread widely out, which presents its own set of challenges, usually resolved by napping. I stayed home last night and eased into the evening, watched a little TV (Castle, Bones and Defiance) and then curled up to read some more of “The Lies of Locke Lamorra”. I was probably out by nine o’clock and then up at five a.m. and I’ll try and stay on that pattern through the cutover.  There will be a flurry of activity following the cutover as the rubber meets the road for the first time.  Most of it will take place during normal working hours.

At this point I can’t really say what we have stacked up next, or more importantly, I can’t really say what the environment is going to be like in the coming weeks and months, but I am hoping we’ll be out of the chaos of this amazingly idiotic project. We’ve got a bunch of work stacked up and I am hoping we can get into a regular, professional, disciplined rhythm. That may just be me whistling in the dark.



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