Monday, April 22, 2013

Monkey Mind Monday

My Monkey Mind was lying in ambush for me this morning.  Almost immediately upon waking it started grabbing every negative thought it could find and throwing it at me.  I recognized it for what it was and took proactive steps to wrestle it under control, but it was still a chaotic morning.  Recognizing the Monkey Mind in action has allowed me to reach a point of relative tranquility here in the morning, so it that fashion, by launch the ambush early, the mind actually did me a favor.

It ran through the gamut of personal items, unresolved issues, unspoken conversations, unaddressed feelings, and peppered it with the occasional interpersonal items, relationships, disappointments, and such. From there is ran rapidly through all sorts of work related things, big and small, real and unreal.  I think I stopped the flow of the morning three times to meditate and let the feelings arise and fall away.

One of the very real distractions has been set on the pathway to correction.  While I was in San Francisco over the weekend, I caught a rock from somewhere and it cracked my windshield, a nice five or six inch long crack in the upper left hand side.  I just got off the phone scheduling a repair visit tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 PM.  A second real distraction is scheduled to be resolved tonight - I procrastinated all weekend on doing my laundry, so it is all separated and stacked at home, waiting for my arrival.  I will do a quick check of the local laundry machines and if they are busy, I will pop out to the Laundromat, down on San Tomas Expressway.

All of which brings us to Monday at work.  This is the start of our cutover week for the big project or at least the two-thirds of it that are actually going to go live.  I have a variety of tasks scheduled all through the week and into the weekend, so I am anticipating it is going to be a week of many long days.  Sure and steady is going to be the watchword to try and make it through the week without getting overwhelmed by the stress.  Most of my tasks are centered around pre-cutover communications and then post-cutover validations.  There are a couple of tasks that I am unfamiliar with, but I have the next couple of days to get a better understanding of the expectations in the particular sphere.  All it all though, I suspect it is going to be a pretty interesting week.


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