Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 Hours In

Saturday at Comic Con is a complete zoo. My advice on Saturdays is just - anticipate it is going to take hours to do anything. Case in point - we arrived at 0830, about an hour before the doors open. We stood in a life that was probably a half mile long or longer to try and get into room 20, as Tony wanted to see Chuck. Even though we were there an hour before start, we ended up not making it. The room was full and the line stopped. So, we bailed and came over to one of the small rooms (6A) and stood in line for another 20 minutes before we got in. Right now we're waiting to see a panel on a new TV show called "The Event". After this I've got a few smaller panels picked out - writers, artists, etc. I should be able to get into them. I am not sure what Tony plans, but we've already effectively spent a third of the day standing in line to see a single panel. At that rate, we'll be lucky to see two more of what I would call the second tier panels. Running this show must be a huge logistical challenge!
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