Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day One San Diego

The flight down went smooth. Flew out of the new Terminal B at San Jose. Tony made the car rental arrangements and we ended up in a red Mustang convertible that screams "onset of mid-life crisis". Met Tony's friend Toby for dinner and went to "The Chicken Pie Shop". The food was solid home style and very good. Desert was a slice of coconut cream pie. Ran a few errands, had a great little conversation with TR and the watched the tail end of Coyote Ugly - which just dawned on me is a movie about tail ends! We're on the 8th floor of the motel here and the room is nice, spacious and well lit.
Today's plan (Day Two) is breakfast at Janet's Montana Cafe in Alpine, east of San Diego, followed by sight seeing and hanging out. Preview night is tonight, which is time to pick up the convention badges and see a couple of television premieres, including the new "Nikita" starring Maggie Q. Additionally you get an early crack at the vendor floor.
Looking forward to the day!
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