Friday, July 30, 2010

Dream One: I Shoot Morgan Freeman

Dream One: I am a cop in rural SD again. I respond to a call at a farm house to find Morgan Freeman terrorizing Ron Livingston. Just as I arrive Morgan shoots Ron. Morgan shoots at me. I shoot Morgan.

Morgan jumps into his car and flees into the back country on a road that I know goes no where. I tend to Ron while I wait for back up. Ron's wound is a flesh wound - painful but none life threatening. In a strange twist in the dream I am not me - however I am the first cop who arrives as back up in about twenty minutes. I see myself in the third person.

After the ambulance arrives to take Ron away ny brother D., also a cop, arrives. We follow the road. and find Morgan a few miles away, crashed into a draw. In the earlier exchange of gunfire I hit him in the left lung. A very vivid dream.
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