Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Amusing Mess

So, it is four working days later and the project I've been working on is essentially in the same place - no successful system test, no successful conversion test. This project was jammed through without adequate time or resources. There was no technical discovery phase. Each of three teams involved worked independently of each other and consequently, I don't think anything worked like it should have.

It is a classic example of an engineering project failing because the team involved didn't follow their own processes. Process, especially standardized processes, exist for a reason. When properly designed they insure that all the necessary steps are adequately done. Miss a step and you stumble - that is a simple adage and it is simply true.

The problems are purely technical - they are undiscovered features of the tools and underlying code that impact the functionality. In one case, the design is running headlong into a tangle of business rules prohibiting certain transactions. In the other case is has run into previously undiscovered data relationships. An amusing mess.
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