Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Delay

We hit another delay at work, slipped another go-live date because we couldn't quite get through the test cycle.  On the plus side, it gives me a window of time to work a coordination issue that needs about four to eight more hours of work. 

No one really to blame on this project - I was commenting to my friend Tony tonight that - if they had just given the project adequate time they would have brought it in at about the same time frame, with a lot less stress and drama.  It just reinforces my opinion that you should never rush things toward imaginary deadlines - let them flow at their own pace.

Slow and steady wins almost all the time.

It is a quiet evening at home, I am spending the evening watching the DVR and just easing into the night after yesterdays 11 hour work day.  I will probably log another long day tomorrow, just to close things out before I start a three day weekend.

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