Friday, March 2, 2012

The Week Settles Out

It has been a week spent mostly at work, with quiet evenings by choice.  Given all the hours I've worked in the last two weeks, this week I made it a choice to put in a full day and then simply go home and enjoy a quiet evening. Work has continued to be chaotic, but going home in the evening has helped.  The work stress has not been bad through the end of the week, in spite of the peak early in the week - and that peak really didn't have anything to do with project work.  It was more related to some structural issues within the corporation that only happen once a year (raises and performance management), so I should be good for the rest of the year, unless I manage to work myself into a self-induced frenzy.

I spent most of the week working on a project that is supposed to go live on the 15th, which ran into a succession of technical glitches due to poor communication (and the subsequent poor design).  We managed to work our way through two of the challenges and we're now face up against the third - we may have to disconnect it from the rest of the project, but I can live with that, since the key requirements will be met. I'll probably end up doing some work on Sunday, but I am not planning to do any tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I am going to run a key errand in the morning, which may take a couple of hours, and then in the afternoon head over to a friends house for a round of games and socializing.

Tonight I am planning on a quiet evening at home, maybe slip into bed early and continue reading.  I haven't had enough time to read lately and I would like to rectify that.  Next weekend I have a pair of doctor visits scheduled to bookmark the week - podiatrist on Monday and internist on Friday, then on the following Monday I am going to take my friend Don into the O'Connor for a heart exam. Then, following the end of the week I am off to Anaheim for Wondercon.  I am looking forward to it, even though it is the weekend that the project I am working on goes live, so there is a good chance I am going to take my work laptop with me, simply so I can do some work over the weekend when I am there.

However, right now, I am looking forward to tonight - a quiet tonight spent watching the DVR, reading, writing and with T.R..  It is a beautiful night outside and I am looking forward to it being a beautiful night all the way through - I am in the mood for it.

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