Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interesting, At Times Surreal

The morning is cool and rainy here in southern California.  I am currently sitting at the desk in the Anaheim Convention Center Hilton, having just paid my bills. (One of the things that is great about the modern world - electronic bill pay.)  I've had a lazy morning. I slept in until about 6:45 a.m., which is late for me, took an easy shower, breakfast at the hotel buffet, and now lazing into the morning with an extra round of laziness on order.  I may head down to the hotel spa a bit later in the day for a steam, but the bulk of the day will most likely be spent over at Wondercon, wandering around in a state of perpetual geek amusement and amazement.

We spent most of the day yesterday wandering the vendor floor - in fact, the bulk of it was in Artists Alley and in the Independent Press sections.  I picked up a couple of things - a pair of small prints by a wonderful artist named Erin Leong ( and the special collectors edition of "Romeo and Juliet - The War" by Stan Lee, Terry Dougas, Max Work and Skan Srisuwan. I scoped out a lot of the other artists, as I am in the mood to pick up another print or two, and there were a couple that caught my eye, but I will circle back over the rest of the show and spend some time delving deeper into their catalogues.

The hotel has been nice - the room is very modern and spacious, the shower is great, and the hotel itself has been a treat.  They have an excellent lobby, perfect for hanging out in and people watching, they've got a good little spa, they have a nice pool, and they have some nice outdoor spaces.  When I have needed privacy for a personal phone call with T.R., I've gone out to the Lanai deck - it has been pretty nice - just kind of wandering around the courtyard in the cool night air, gazing around at the wealth and diversity of hotel dwelling humanity. There are a lot of tourists here (due to the proximity of Disneyland), so the people in the hotel are a mixture of four different groups - the Wondercon attendees, Disneyland tourists, some sort of Auditor training at the hotel itself, and the attendees to a high school volleyball tournament.  It has made the people watching portion of the trip interesting and at times surreal.

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