Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Nice Sunday

Okay, I sat down to write tonight and I started off with a good laugh.  I noticed that, on the previous entry, I called it a "Relazing" day. I think I was inventing a word there. It does, in a way, describe the day however.  Today was a similar day, with a little bit more mood.

It was a gray morning, cool, humid and typical of a late summer. I lingered in bed for an extra hour or so, until about six thirty AM, then woke up and started the day.  I was kind of moody when I started the day, I was thinking about old wounds and scar tissue.  I didn't really dwell on it but it was spinning around in the back of my mind through most of the morning.  I made a note to myself to write a longer entry on the topic of "Wounds".

Then, when I was driving over to meet Tony for breakfast, I heard an old song by Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight".  I don't know why, but I was listening to the lyrics in the song and it seemed to kind of dovetail with my thoughts on wounds.  It wasn't a black morning, but it verged on it.  Fortunately, breakfast was a good (a waffle, sausage and two eggs over easy).

Tony and I then swung back to my place and watched the last two episodes of Dexter, which were enjoyable.  Then a quick lunch and I headed over to Target to pick up some groceries and some odds and ends to prepare for the week ahead. 

I followed that up with a nap and a book, then a long hot bath.  Once out of the bath I made a pot of sausage and vegetable soup from scratch.  It was pretty good - it is a recipe I have been working on for a while.  It is not quite where I want it to be, so I think next time I am going to try a different sausage.  It was a little too sweet this time around.

Then I watched an episode of History Detectives and that brings me right into the now, in the present moment. I tried calling out to the ranch tonight but there wasn't any answer.  I suspect they were sitting outside on the porch in the waning sunlight, the typical habit on a South Dakota evening. I am mirroring it here, except I am sitting in the living room with the air conditioner on, since it is still a little muggy out there.

Tomorrow starts a three day work week, which I am looking forward to. I've still got a tall pile of stuff stacked up in front of me, but I made some fair headway last week and I am hoping to make some more fair headway this week and next..  This evening though, I am just going to ease into the evening, watch the clock tick the hours off, and concentrate on just being.

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