Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple and Strong

As I go through life I find there are times when I need an inspirational mantra.  It has to be a small phrase and it has to be something that is simple and clear, so it can be repeated to myself during times of stress and trouble. 


Sometimes, like now, it is an aspirational phrase, a phrase that reflects my goal, the state that I want to be in, the place I want to reach.  Over the weekend, as I was contemplating various things, a great little mantra for the fall of 2013 came to mind.  It is an aspirational one, it is reflective of an inner and outer state that I would like to achieve.


That mantra is “Simple and Strong”.  It has the simplicity and purity that a good mantra possesses.  I’ve written in on the white board at work and I am keeping in close in my mind as I move through the day. It is reflective of how I feel on my best days and a reminder that it is the state of being that I want to aspire to. Simple and strong.



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