Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just A Tuesday

It is a short week here at the office. We had the holiday on Monday and then, due to the nuances of scheduling, I am off on Friday. I think I can handle a three day work week!  Additionally, because it is a light week, it is quiet here.  Whenever a holiday falls in a week it reduces the cost of taking the entire week off.  For example, if I were to have taken the week off, I would have only had to spend three vacation days to have nine days off.  That is a pretty good cost benefit ratio.  I am sure, for many of my coworkers, they make that very same calculation - and for those of us who remain in the office to work, we get the added benefit of a quiet week.

I feel rested today but I actually didn’t sleep well last night. It was a fitful night.  I think I must have been up and down about half a dozen times before I finally woke up.  It was like I could not fall all the way into the deep sleep cycle. I dreamed, but I don’t really remember what I dreamed about.  For the last week or so the theme of my dreams has been the toppling of a corrupt regime.  Probably influenced by a wide variety of inputs - the Game of Thrones here at work, the BBC show “Copper”, and the dawn to dusk coverage of the events in Syria.

As I sit here on a “listen only” teleconference, I am realizing that I am actually pretty clear headed and in a good mood today and I am not really sure why.  I danced with the monkey mind a bit this morning on the drive into work, but what able to set it aside.  Driving, commuting, traffic - these are all stressful things some days. 

Today, as I was driving up Lawrence Expressway toward the office, I found myself stuck behind a school bus.  I felt my temper starting to rise up - but I recognized it as an opportunity to break the pattern of the monkey mind.  I took a deep breath and deliberately slowed down and simply followed the bus at the speed the bus was moving.  I flowed.  It is always nice to flow.  It disrupted my monkey mind and allowed me a rather pleasant experience on the commute.

I noticed this morning that I need to devote a bit of time to housecleaning. I seem to have picked up most that a usual amount of dust, which I am going to blame on the heat of the last couple of days and the fact that, each night, I slept with the windows wide open and the fans blowing. 

Writing that little segment there also reminded me of something I need to take care of in regards to the apartment.  I was moving some furniture the other day and as I turned I caught the thermostat with the edge of the piece of furniture.  Unfortunately, there was a little bit of mass and velocity involved in the turn and the thermostat exploded into multiple small plastic pieces.  So, I need to report that to the apartment management complex so they can get the repairs schedule.  I may have just bought a new thermostat, and if that is the case, well, that is the case.  It was an accident and it was my fault, so that makes me responsible for it.

I have a light meeting schedule all week, which is amazing.  I am going to take advantage of it by trying to get some of the stuff in my backlog cleared out.  I would love to get it down to zero.  I am not sure if I am actually going to make it that far, but I am going to give it a try.

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