Friday, October 17, 2008


Carefully gather everything together
In one place
Measured into the proper proportions
When the moment arrives
You cannot wait…you cannot wait
Warm the butter at a
Until the moment when it is
To Melt
Plunge the brown sugar in
All of it
At once
Plunge it in
Then stir it
Until it is all uniformly wet
Then slow down
Slow down and stir it
Very slowly, infrequently, unexpectedly
Make sure you get every curve
As you stir
Watch the changes closely
Until it become molten
Like lava
Then hesitate, hesitate
Just before it turns liquid
Pour in the cream
Whisk it
Firm, fast, fierce
Until it is all liquid and smooth
Then bring it all to a boil
Let it cool
Just a bit
Taste it
Then add salt and vanilla extract
And taste it again
With each pass
Taste it
Until on your tongue
You have the rich creamy
Taste of butterscotch

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