Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes From The Day

The day started simple and lazy. I slept in until about eight a.m.,
which is very late for me. I rolled out of bed, padded around for a
while, brewed a cup of coffee, and came online for a while. I visited
my favorite chat and I just could not connect. I watched chat scroll
by - I thought about typing this...and that...or that...

But, just could not find the thread. So, I wrote and read email, I had
a great discussion with im, then made a phone call, and managed to
pass a pleasant morning, pleasantly.

So, I then ran through the shower a second time, and restarted the day
with a chorizo omelet and coffee cake at Hobbee's. In a few minutes I
am going to slip in and see "Pride and Glory" with Edward Norton and
Colin Farrell.

After that, a stop at the bookstore...

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