Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Small Changes

Several times in the last week or so I have had to power through a case of writers block.  Where I sit down to write, where I have something I want to write about, where I get started and then just got - nowhere. It is starting to frustrate me.  I was in a strange mood last night - almost quarrelsome - and for no apparent reason that I could determine, just because I was.  I wanted to run around and poke people with a sharp stick.  Not maliciously, well, not totally maliciously. It was more like I was upset by the status quo and just wanted to change things up. I think I should follow up on that instinct over the next couple of weeks. Changing the small items of daily patterns can be a good thing.  We tend to think of change only in terms of large scale change, but it is often the small scale changes that have all the impacts. I know that and I need to focus on that and make some small scale changes. Sent via BlackBerry by AT

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