Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am Being Stalked By A Crow

I am being stalked by a crow.  It is no ordinary crow. 

A few nights ago, as I was laying down to go to sleep tonight, a fictional character appeared in my imagination.  I recognized her instantly.  She is Pin, the youngest of the daughters of Crow.  I spent some time writing a bit about her the night she appeared in my imagination - but it was not so much a story as it was a vignette.

Then, last night, a crow landed on the branch outside my bedroom just at sunset and stared into the bedroom until the night fell.  At dawn this morning, as I was driving into work, there was a lone crow sitting on the telephone line at the corner, over the middle of the road, silhouetted beautifully against the vivid blue sky of dawn.

I suspect that Pin has a story she wants me to tell and I am now searching for that story.

There were other things hovering in the air when I woke up this morning as well - four news helicopters.  Seems the bar down the street, across from the coffee shop where I normally stop, burned last night. They had all the traffic on Moorpark diverted, so I had to take an alternative commute, circling back up and around and on the interstate.

Other than that, it was an uneventful day.  I had a nice lunch at the Mexicali Grill in Sunnyvale with L.R., who caught me up on the events in her life.  Let me just say - I am glad that my life is relatively uneventful. It is amazing what perspective does to a person. L.R. had the unique experience of being woken from sleep the other night to the sound of three pipe bombs exploding in her husbands pickup. Two cars were damaged and shrapnel peppered the front of the house. Fortunately, no one was injured.  Life is full of choices. Some of the choices we make are...not the best.  I am just glad no one was injured, because it could have easily turned out other wise. A small piece of metal, accelerated at a few thousand feet per secord, well - the difference between life and death is razor thin.

So, I come home tonight to my quiet apartment, where the greatest danger to me, personally, is indigestion from the burrito I am planning to eat shortly.  Where the most excitement in my life is being stalked by a muse of a crow.

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