Friday, October 17, 2008

Notes On A Beautiful California Morning

It has been a very beautiful morning.

I woke up about 5:30 AM, while it was still dark night outside, brewed a pot of coffee, ran through the shower and dressed for work.

I had that first cup of coffee while watching the morning news and eating a piece of coffee cake I had carried around in my briefcase since the day before. There is something to be said for briefcase coffee cake.

I headed into the office about 6:30 AM, stopping at the coffee shop for that vital commute cup of coffee. (Notice that coffee often seems to be a morning theme for me?) Because of the early hour traffic was mostly very light on the way in.

Nature was presenting a spectacular dawn vista.

The sky was filled with high wisps of clouds along both the horizons, to the south and north. The sunlight was hitting them and they were a wonderful cascade of rose red to the softest blush red.

The sky was a very pale blue, deepening in shade from east to west. There were faint traces of gold lining some of the clouds.

With the coming of fall, the crows were flying in flocks. Several large flocks of black birds spun through the morning air, silhouetted against that varied blue sky.

I paused in the parking lot, as I usually do, to finish my morning coffee and watch the sunrise. It was simply an amazingly beautiful morning and I am glad I had the opportunity to simply sip coffee and watch it unfold.

The ordinary things in life are pretty extraordinary.

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