Thursday, October 2, 2008


Crow has seven daughters, the youngest of which is Pin. Pin's eyes shine with intelligence and wit. Pin's feathers glisten as though moonlight dwells within them. Pin is fast and strong and brave. She is Crow's youngest daughter so all of this is her birthright. Most of all Pin is quietly clever. So it is that Pin, nestled deep with the boughs of Young Redwood, watches Waterbug and Miriam's Little Fox with glistening eyes. Miriam's Little Fox is the lover of Crow, whose love is fierce and all consuming and unrelenting. Pin has her mother's love in her veins, in the spread of her wings and in the strength of her heart. Pin has taken many lovers and consumed them in her passion. She has eaten their lust and battered their desires and left the broken in the dust, staring dully at the sky. Such is the very nature of the daughters of Crow. But Pin has never known the love that lies between her mother and Miriam's Little Fox. That love is mystery to Pin. That love is a curiosity to Pin. In her curiosity Pin is clever, so she watches. What Pin watches she sees and what she sees is a perplexity. She knows it has something to do with her mothers love. She sees it in the play of Waterbug and Miriam's Little Fox. It is in the nature of the curiosity of crows that they will break things to see what secrets they hold. This stirs inside of Pin. It stirs but is unrealized. In it dwells the cruelty of Crow, who is her mother, and who is casual in her cruelties. But Pin is clever and the clever are rarely casual and Pin, the youngest of the seven daughters of Crow is the rarest and cleverest of them all. Being the rarest and cleverest of them all, Pin is never casual. Curious yes. Cruel yes. Casual, never. So Pin takes wing and taking wing watches and watching watches over Miriam's Little Fox. Pin's bright and curious eyes are Crow's eyes. So what Pin sees Crow knows. But sometimes, just some times, Pin blinks and when Pin blinks Crow blinks and Waterbug has taught Miriam's Little Fox to spin around three times in the blink of an eye. Though Pin is the cleverest of crows, there are things that Miriam's Little Fox can do in the one turn around that are astounding. For when in comes to clever, clever is to foxes what cruel is to crows. It is what they are. Of foxes, Miriam's Little Fox, beloved of Crow, is the cleverest of all. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

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