Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Life: Friday Slips Past

I slept in this morning for an extra pair of hours. The last week pretty much flew by on falcon's wings. Things were what I often refer to as "incidentally busy". Incidentally busy is when many small incidents occupy a lot of time, but you reach the end of the week and looking back you cannot put a finger on any one thing that took up the time.

After sleeping I came online for a while and wandered the internet, spending time in chat and time googling and a very pleasant morning in conversations with T.R.. About eleven A.M. I finally got rolling. I went out and got some lunch (a spinach salad with some chicken florentine), ran a couple of errands, and then circled back home for an afternoon nap. Despite being interrupted a couple of times during the nap (they are re-landscaping the front of the apartment complex, so several dump trucks full of dirt and rock made an appearance) it was a very good nap.

I had dinner with Tom at Frankie, Johnny & Luigi's and then we swung up to Fry's Electronics to look at movies. Tom picked up a pair - "Outpost" with Ray Stevenson (a.k.a. Titus Pullo from HBO's "Rome") and "Night Watch" with Ewan McGregor. Tom is a huge Ewan McGregor fan. I picked up the directors cut of one of my personal favorite movies (though it is not to everyone's taste) and that is "Brotherhood of the Wolf". I looked at a couple of other movies but decided what I really need to do is take an evening and update my movie inventory. I have a sizable movie collection and I have periodically bought movies I already owned.

Then, I slipped home about sunset, had a nice phone call, and then settled in to watch a movie. I tried to find a movie called "Final" on HBO, but it does not seem to be running here, so I made a note to check for it next time I am at one of the movie stores. It is a psychological thriller with Denise Leary. I watched the last hour or so of "Saving Private Ryan" on HBO, sent an email to some of my friends and I plead guilty to doing something I rarely do - a "cc multiple people with the same email because I am too lazy to write to each person individually".

I always dislike doing that, but sometimes it has to be done. Now, it is about fifteen minutes after ten, so I am going to curl up with "The Kings Assassin" by Robin Hobb and read myself to sleep. I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday - our weather is supposed to be gray, cloudy, and cool, but today, though cloudy, was actually pretty pleasant.

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