Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily Life: Just Another Day In Paradise (With Clouds)

I drove to work this morning at the leading edge of dawn. The skies were soft gray with the faintest tint of rose along the edges of the clouds. The highway was mostly empty at that hour, so the drive was smooth and pleasant, sipping coffee and listening to “Posiedon and the Bitter Bug” by the Indigo Girls. The album has some excellent songs on it.

The parking lot was mostly empty, a handful of cars, other early risers. The morning was quiet and productive, with forward movement on all items. Lunch was a walk down the street and a simple potato and bacon soup with a Blackcherry soda. The afternoon also managed to stay quietly productive.

I drove home and met my nephew Tom for dinner, then came back to the apartment for an easy evening of wandering the vast expanse of the internet. Google is an amazing thing – you can start with a simple search and start clicking through links and wind up in the most astounding places.

The sun is just now edging toward the horizon in a cloudy sky. I have the patio windows open, but the sky itself is kind of a high hazy gray. I was hoping for some sunshine on clouds for a photo opportunity, but it is not going to happen tonight. The bright indirect light through the clouds mostly washes everything out.

I’m nearing the end of “The Royal Assassin”, which is at a page turning place right now, so my plan tonight is to finish it up. I am waiting on a phone call and then it may be any early bed for me tonight.

Two more days of work and then a nice three day weekend house-sitting. I’ll take my laptop, my Kindle, and a few movies and am looking forward to a quiet weekend, sort of a semi-retreat.

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