Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Life: The Simplicity of Beautiful Things

Midway through the day I decided I would have dinner al fresco
tonight. The weather is perfect for it. Highs touched eighty, low
probably into the sixties. The sun is golden, the skies a vivid blue,
the mountains a deep shade of lush green. I sat at a table with a red
checkered table cloth.

The waitress was a slender woman, verging on lean, indeterminate in
age, shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, a face with character, a
wry smile, a New York accent, just enough wrinkles for her to have a
lived in air. She was dressed in black shoes, black slacks, a white
shirt, a black vest. The only variant from her uniform her belt,
broad, leather, black with silver rings and, like her face,
comfortably worn.

First was a tall glass of iced tea. Second an appetizer of fresh
tomato, Greek olives, mozarella cheese, drizzles with a basil olive
oil. Third a four cheese pizza, fresh, warm, with delicate flavors
spun together. For dessert, the magic - Sheer Bliss Mediterranean
Coffee ice cream, delicately mined from the tin with a tea spoon.

The end result, the simplicity of the beautiful things of life. Good
weather, good food, good company and love traveling down strange

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