Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daily Life: Decommissioning Two Computers

I have not been a prolific writer in the last couple of days. Most of my free time has been spent in configuring the new laptop and decommissioning the older laptop and tower. It is kind of astounding the amount of electronic “stuff” we keep around. One of the things that added to the overally length of time it is taking me is I go into a specific folder and then, rather than simply back the contents up and delete the folder –I start to read thing and look at things. It is a lot like cleaning out the boxes in the closet. It is easy to do – as long as you don’t look into the boxes! I have set aside some of the older things I have written, from long before I ever had the online journal, and I will clean them up a little and share them here as I go through the folders. Tonight though, my plan is simple – an early trip to bed, some reading, and then a long night of sleep.

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