Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreams of Luggage

Okay, I in the last three days I have had two dreams that involved luggage.  Now, I admit to being something of a fan of a well made piece of luggage but I think this is the first time that I ever dreamt about it.

The Dream of the Yellow Duffle

I dream of a big, yellow, waterproof duffle bag. It is sitting on an oversize conference room table. The contents of the bag are arrayed over the table in neat rows. There are approximately fifty or sixty items. The table is surrounded by FBI agents.  The lead agent is telling them “If you understand the contents of this bag, you will understand the man.” It is as if they were attempting to construct a psychological profile from the contents of the bag.  I am in the dream – I am one of the FBI agents – and I am also the owner of the bag.

The Dream of Packing

In this dream I am somewhere on a trip with multiple people that I know.  We are getting ready to head to the airport from the hotel where we are staying and we are packing.  As we are packing there are multiple objects that do not belong to anyone.  Among these objects are several large containers (bottles and glasses) of change, the water pack portion of a Camelbak, a kayakers dry suit, and a rain suit (an anorak and a pair of pants).  All of these items are in excellent shape and don’t seem to belong to anyone in the hotel room, so the dream mainly consists of me trying to figure out how to get them into my luggage.

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