Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Semi-Rambling Morning

Friday turned out to be an efficient day.  I started the day lazy, made it a point to linger in bed and then linger around the apartment watching a few programs on the DVR.  As I watched the TV, I started a running list of all the things I needed and wanted to do for the day, then simply worked my way down the list.

It turned into a good day, including a visit to optometrist for my yearly exam and a new supply of contacts. The appointment was originally scheduled for later in the week, but since I was in a productive mood, well, I did my best to be productive. The exam went smoothly, no problems, no changes in my prescription.  They did dilate my eyes for a check, which meant I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around wearing my dark sunglasses and with no close in vision, which made it tough to read labels when I was trying to differentiate among products.

I had lunch at Sushi Boat in Westgate, then spent part of the afternoon looking for a small table or desk to fit in one corner of my living room, so I can use it for my work laptop. I want something that is highly stable - one of the problems with a lot of the smaller desks in they are not the most stable platforms and any sort of wobble can be irritating when you are trying to work.  We have some small desks at work, which are heavy L frame computer desks, that would be perfect in size and stability, so I may take the opportunity today and stop at a used office furniture place up on Kifer, in order to see if they have that particular type of desk.  There were some near misses at OfficeMax - most of their small desks and incidental tables were just a little too wide or not quite stable enough.

Last night was a quiet evening at home, which I split between watching the Finder and Fringe (both among my favorites), and then writing well into the evening. I wrote a little over 4,000 words, which was a pretty good output for a single evening.  I think, for me at least, it proves the importance of having the imagination and creativity engaged and having a plot. Because I knew fairly well where I was going with the writing, what all the necessary elements were, it was smooth writing.

I had trouble falling asleep last night, for no real reason that I could think of. This morning I wondered if it might have been a side effect of the drug used to dilate my eyes, because that is about the only thing different that I can think of from yesterday. A hot shower and a cup of coffee and I feel pretty good today, but we'll see if I suddenly run out of energy midway through the day.

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