Friday, April 27, 2012

I Dream of Distant Places

Okay, I seem to be developing a dream theme over the last couple of nights.  Last night I had two dreams about travel.

I Dream of Cuernavaca

It the first dream I was midway on a road trip.  I was traveling in an SUV across the Sonoran desert in northern Mexico and had stopped somewhere along the way at a Pemex station.  I had a map of Mexico spread out across the hood of the car and I was figuring out the best way from where I was to my destination, which was approximately ninety kilometers south of Mexico City, somewhere in the vicinity of Cuernavaca. It was short dream, but it was very vivid.

I Dream of a Coastal City

In the second dream, I had relocated (I had no sense that it was permanent, perhaps it was an extended vacation).  In this dream, I was staying in a small concrete block house on a coast somewhere.  I had the sense (from the weather and the terrain) that it was somewhere on the Gulf Coast, as there was an azure sea, warm sea breezes, and expansive beaches.  The house was nestled right up against the beach, in a development of small houses with small yards or sand and weeds. The layout of the house was very clear in my dream, it was a long rectangle, with the entrance into the kitchen, a small living room, two small bedrooms and a bathroom. It was nicely furnished, but the furnishings were old and slightly worn.  There were two metal chairs outside, where you could sit in the shade, gaze out over a run-down park and visit with the neighbors.  The neighbors were a pleasant multi-generational family (four generations) that lived in the house next door.  In this dream, at dawn, I was sitting out on a concrete pad/patio that overlooked the ocean watching dawn break (another clue that it was somewhere on the gulf coast).  It was a very beautiful dawn and as I watched the colors unfold, I also watched the tide come in – and in – and in, until at high tide on a still day it was literally lapping a few inches from the house.  The neighbors confirmed that, during storms and particularly high tides the ocean washed through the entire development, which is why the houses were made of concrete blocks and why the yards were sand and weed.

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