Monday, April 2, 2012

Four Dreams in One Night

I slept well last night. During that sleep I had four vivid dreams.  In the order of occurence:

1. Why I Don't Play Lacrosse

In this dream I was in a heated discussion with a friend of mine.  We were in high school and my friend (who was not a person I recognized, but in the dream I knew he was a friend) was trying to convince to go out for the lacrosse team, applying the varieties of peer pressure, ranging from convincing to shaming. I was adamant in my refusal that I simply didn't have time to play lacrosse, since I was involved in football, basketball, baseball and boxing.  It was not a question of will or desire, but simply a question of not having enough time.

2. I Dream of Elevators

In the second dream, I dream that I am traveling for work. There are a whole bunch of work related people at a hotel in Washington D.C., where we are all attending a meeting to go over some design issues for a new system.  The people the dream are a mixture of current co-workers, past co-workers and, for no apparent reason, my friend Dean Yellow Hawk from St. Francis. In the dream, Dean is their as a consultant on the user experience.  We are doing an assortment of pre-meeting type of things, dinners and discussions in the hotel lounge.  Besides the presence of Dean, there is also one other unusual thing.  The elevators in the hotel do not have doors - and they do not stop.  If you want to use the elevator you have to wait and then step in and onto the moving elevator.  The same thing to get off the elevator, you have to time it.  The elevators are not traveling too fast, so it is not a difficult task, but it is still a question of timing these elevators that never stop.

3. I Dream of An Escaped Psychotic

I am not sure if this dream was a different dream, of it it was a continuation of the business dream.  In this dream I am with a bunch of people and we are sitting in a restaurant with glass walls, on the second story of a building (possibly the same hotel from the previous dream). Across the street, about sixty or seventy feet away, is some sort of institutional building. In the dream, I know that is it a mental institution. Suddenly, there is a commotion and a giant man in a hospital gown runs by (his is over six foot and three hundred pounds) and is pursued by multiple people in scrubs. He gets so far and the people in scrubs are closing on him, when he suddenly pulls a small silver revolver and starts shooting people.  I distinctly recall that he kills at least one person by shooting him in the forehead over the left eyebrow at point blank range.  Then, he shoots two more who are running (both fall to the ground and I cannot tell where he has shot them).  Then, he wrestles with a fourth person, throws them to the ground, and presses the revolver into their diaphram and shoots them. About that time he is swarmed and overwhelmed.

4. I Dream of Apocalyptic Snow Storms

In this dream I am with a group of refugees walking down a highway somewhere on the great plains.We are traveling west.  Across the plains we can see a rapidly approaching snow storm.  It is a turbulent rolling mass of blowing snow, similar to the vast sandstorms that you see sweeping the Middle East. We were racing into the storm, toward a farmstead.  We arrived at the edge of the farmstead and everyone rushing into a small abandoned house.  We got the women and children in first, and then the men were going in. There were still three men outside just as the wall of snow came cascading over the house, but we were able to reach out and pull them in.  The storm did not last very long, thirty minutes or so, but it dropped about three feet of snow.  As the storm stilled I went outside to look around - and discovered the other buildings on the farmstead were occupied.  An older man came out to talk to me and tell me that we needed to move on.  As he was telling me this he pointed out a bunker on the overlooking hill.  Several people in the bunker stood up so I could see them.  It was pretty clear that we had to keep moving on.

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