Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Legion of Chicken

Saturday morning is starting low and slow. The plan today is breakfast with friends at the Hickory Pit, followed by a trip to Cupertino Square to see the movie "Lockout", starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace.  I have my expectations set at the appropriate level and I am looking forward to the movie.

I slept well last night, it was the last of the rain storm that has been flowing through the area and the weather today is supposed to be cool and pleasant, so I am looking forward to some successive days of sunshine. 

I had one of those strange dreams last night.  You know the ones?  The ones where you wake up and think "what the hell"?  Well, last night I dreamt about a chicken restaurant on 8th Street called "The Legion of Chicken".  They has a very simple menu of roasted chicken and three or four sides and the place was decorated in a faux Roman style.  What I woke this morning one of the first things that ran through my brain (after thinking that it was a strange dream) was "What the heck do the Roman's have to do with chicken?"

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