Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fourteen hours. Gained some ground.  Lost some ground.

The high cycle of change continues to sweep around me. One of my good friends at work received her WARN notice today (my overall division is taking about a 20% cut over the next year to bring our affordability back into line with the industry standards). She's at retirement age, so she is going to be laid off into retirement, just earlier than she would have liked.

I am honestly not sure how I am going to react if I get a WARN notice - but, I have been through layoff's and layoff cycles before - and each time I got laid off, I ended up better off.  This is largely due to the fact that getting laid off kicks you in the pants and makes you move onto the next phase of your life, a move you might not otherwise make.  It's also a change to practice not being attached.  Still, it is always a shock to the system.

So, tonight, I think I am going to watch Whitney and then curl up and go to sleep.  I might try and read a bit, but my brain is pretty fried.  As a matter of fact, I might not make it through Whitney.  I think I am going to give it a try though - I don't want to fall asleep too soon.

This is my "short" week, so I will get a chance to only work part of the day on Friday - I've already got a couple of meetings scheduled.  I think I will head into the office early in the morning, just to try and get a jump on the day.

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