Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wish Me Luck

Today has been mostly a working day.  I slept in a bit, got up, sorted laundry, met Tony for breakfast, stopped at Fry's and picked up a new blue tooth (my Plantronics broke the other day), then came home, fired up the work laptop, and spent the the bulk of the day getting ready for the start of UAT tomorrow.  I am not quite as ready as I would like to be, but that is okay. I am as ready as I am going to be. Dinner was pizza at Patxi's, with an amusing over tipping incident - or at least amusing to me. Then, home again for the evening, a two mile walk through the neighborhood (body), futzing with my new blue tooth (which is charging right now), watching a bit of the Superbowl, and planning to do some more work email while I watch elementary, then early to bed and a quiet night reading.  Tomorrow is heavily loaded in the morning (five hours of meetings starting at 7:00 AM), and then a fairly clear afternoon. I am going to have plenty of opportunities for stress to get the best of me in the coming week, so I am going to try and enter it with the appropraite mindset and move as gracefully as I can through the week, trying my best not to let it get the best of me.  Wish me luck!

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