Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Uncertain Places

I was nearing burn out, so I kept today short and to the point (short being relative, I worked about ten hours). I left work a little early tonight to go see H&R Block, then came home for a simple dinner of mushroom soup and a peanut butter and jelly on Paleo Bread sandwich. After supper, I was just settling in for the night, had just kicked off my shoes and I suddenly realized I had forgotten to run to the pharmacy and pick up my prescriptions.  So, the shoes went back on and out the door I went.

A fast errand later I found myself home, where I watched the latest episode of Castle, then turned the TV off to settle into a period of blissful silence before I head off to bed early, My work schedule tomorrow is fairly meeting light, so I plan on starting earlier and running as hard as I can through the day. I have a whole slew of stuff that I have to test and I am going to get settled in test my way through it.  The UAT covered a bit of ground today, which is not too bad.  I wish we had a dedicated test group, but if wishes were horses...

I've been reading a novel called "The Uncertain Places".  It was a good concept,but the execution was just not there.  The main character is inconsistent and there are often lesser characters that appear for no other reason then to show the author did her research.  I wondered if it was the authors first novel because the flow kind of goes "story...story...dump of research data...story...random but cool character...story...dump of research data".  Way more exposition then necessary to move the story along.  I wish I could recommend the book - but it is just to choppy and inconsistent for me to recommend. Go ahead and read it if you like, the overall concept is interesting - but be forewarned it is not particularly good.

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