Sunday, February 17, 2013

It Wasn't A Quick Note

Just thought I would take a few minutes this morning and enter another quick note.  Yesterday was a nice day, mostly spent in a semi-coma because of the long run of work hours.  I spent the morning online in queue waiting to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con (with a million other geeks) - and I was successful.  I missed out on the four day pass with preview night, barely, but I got four one day passes for me and three for Tony (no Saturday pass for Tony), but we can make a run at picking up the extra pass later in the year when the tickets come up for resale.  So, that was definitely the high point of the morning and once again, San Diego Comic Con here I come!

Then, breakfast at the Hickory Pit and we went out and say "Beautiful Creatures" - it was a little sedate for a movie, since it is, basically, a love story - but it had some great supporting turns by Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, and the always talented Emmy Rossum.  I can't really recommend it for the theater, but I would definitely recommend it when it comes out on cable or any of the flavors of On-Demand.

For there, we had lunch at Red Robin - chili burgers - and I went for a long walk around the entirety of Westgate and Westgate West, then stopped at Office Max and REI to pick up some incidental things.  From there, it was home, a spot of television (mostly staring comatosely at the television because I was too mentally dead to engage in anything that required thought).  Then, a nice long conversation with my step dad Bill, still in the convalescent hospital getting PT. A bit of reading and the off to dream land about nine P.M. 

Then I slept about ten hours straight and woke this morning rested and bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I am ready to leap into the day.  Well, okay, maybe not leap into the day, but definitely go out, get some breakfast, and then spend a little time wandering, letting my brain do a further bit of decompression for the stress of the last couple of months.  I am also hoping to get some time to sit down and write an exceptionally long entry hear and talk about some of the things that have happened. Maybe I will spread it out over a couple of entries.  But first, most importantly, breakfast at the Hickory Pit.

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