Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Note, Simple Night

Just a quick post today. Worked way too many hours during the previous week, so I am basically fried.  Worked a bit today, but only about two hours, mostly doing email.  Still have a lot of tasks ahead of me, which means I am going to be working tomorrow.  No way around it.  There is a strong rumor sweeping through the teams that there is going to be another slip - perhaps a few weeks.  Apparently there are a series of problems lining up against the release date.  We'll see.

I woke in a certain melancholy mood and it rode me through most of the day. I am sure a lot of the driving behind it is lack of sleep and physical exhaustion, so I am going to go to bed early tonight and get a full nights sleep.  I did see an interesting movie off a DVD today - "Cat Run" with Paz Vega.  It was entertaining.  Spent some time later in the day shooting pool with Don (a tie overall) and dinner at Red Lobster in Milpitas, a few blocks away from Edgies.

(Yes, Cat Run is a delightfully trashy as the poster makes it look.)

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