Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Be Still

Let me just say, for the record - "Holy crap what a week."  Let's start at the beginning - I worked, uh, pretty constantly all week.  I put in a series of 15 hour work days driving hard toward the deadline.  I actually made the deadline - I made it in an all day and into the night marathon rapid prototyping session, which was exactly what we needed to make the goal.  Then, I collapsed.  The day after the deadline we discovered that - of the four major segments of the project - we were the only ones who actually made the deadline. (Lots of high fives in the conference room.)  For a brief period of time the decision was to let my team go live all by our bad selves and let the other parts of the project catch up, but cooler heads prevailed and they've stepped back to do a more general re-plan and release. We've got next week to close up our documentation and then we'll be pointed at another part of the project to help play catch up.  I was so happy to cross that major milestone that I am giddy - though there is plenty of work ahead, it just feels damn good to move something into configuration lock.  I have a lot of other thoughts, but I am in no condition to put them out there tonight.  For the most part they don't make any sense, even to me. So tonight, my brain is so fried I am not even watching TV because it is too stimulating and I plan to spend tomorrow, perhaps the entire day, and be still. That is all, just be still.

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