Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Monday Morning

It is another Monday morning.  I woke early, about 0430, took a shower, took a walk, had morning breakfast and coffee, and then slipped into work. Traffic was light due to the early hour and there was a mid-level fog that made the morning slightly cool and slightly damp.  I seemed to be the only one in the parking lot at work so I lingered in the car finishing my commute coffee and just kind of basking in the reflected amber glow of the streetlights.  I had contemplated calling off of work today - in all honesty, I cannot recall the last time that I called in sick, or even took a sanity day off.  But the only real thing I had to do for the day was laundry, LOL, and I did not particularly feel like taking a day of from work to do loads of laundry.  Still, it is a cool fall California morning and that has me in a reflective mood at the start of the day.  Sent via BlackBerry by AT

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