Monday, September 8, 2008

Boston Cream Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream

Well, that was a fun day.  Fortunately, the afternoon did manage to redeem itself.  Without the burden of meetings I managed to get a few things accomplished. Not as much as I would have liked, but enough - just enough, that I can move into tomorrow.

I worked about twelve hours then called it a day, mindful of the shoulder/back problem that was the focal of my world a few weeks ago.  I made sure that I did not sit too long, made sure I did not hold the same position to long, made sure I frequently got up and moved about. Then, I stopped at the twelve hour mark.

Dinner was chicken, rice, green beans - followed by a desert of Boston cream pie and vanilla ice cream and a tall cold glass of milk. Tomorrow is another day. Time to start over and run through the day.

Even in a day like today there are always bright moments that can be savored. I savored a few.  Dinner and desert with my nephew.  Email from friends. Incidental conversations in the hall way. The laughter of my co-workers. And tomorrow is another day.

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