Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just A Tuesday Note

I've a few minutes before taking off for dinner, meeting some friends at Holden's on Saratoga Avenue (about five minutes from my apartment). Today was much better than yesterday. The morning was basically non-productive, consumed in meetings, but the afternoon was much nicer.  I managed to get several things done so now I can confidentally say that I am back to where I was last Friday! 

I love the corporate world.  I often to refer to it as Cloud Cuckoo Land. Things make their own strange sense then - or they do not make any sense at all.  One of the things that has always astounded me is the amount of time spent in meetings talking about the things that we should be doing - rather than just simply doing them. Folks tend to counter with "Rod, meetings are doing things...".  Hahaha - Cloud Cuckoo Land.

I have been feeling a creative urge the last couple of days so I am hoping that tonight will be productive, writing wise.  I still have a ton of work to do tonight though, so what I am going to do is - have dinner - and then decide if I am going to work tonight or not.  Mood is a fickle thing.  Some nights I am very productive and have no problem working late into the evening.  Other nights I might connect virtually and struggle and never really accomplish anything except churn and burn.  And, on still other nights, I might just - not bother.  Tonight, I think it can go direction at all.

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