Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Simple Candle

I thought I would add one last entry before I call it a night...

There are times with the people in your life when you realize there is almost nothing you can do for them - except hold them close in your heart, except keep them near in your thoughts, except bow your head in prayer.

Life is a great journey.  It is the sweep of powerful and unseen currents. It is the rustle of winds in a great forest.  It is the stillness of stone. It is the coolness of a hidden spring. It is full, in equal parts, of great joy and great sadness.  It is...simply...what it is.

Some months ago I wrote of lighting a candle for absent friends, to guide them on their journey.  Candles are powerful things.  Simple and elegant.  Like hope. Like faith. Like love. Like life.

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