Monday, September 8, 2008

Bad Monkey - No Cookie

Slam! Welcome to Monday. After a lazy weekend I slammed into Monday morning. I woke with a stomach ache (blame last nights chili dog for that). I woke because a phone call pulled me into an early meeting that lasted three hours. I scooted into the office when it ended. I dropped into a one hour meeting that...accomplished nothing. I noticed I was wearing mismatched socks. I had one more meeting where the tension was so thick it was gravy.

Slam! Whew. The bright spot - a series of alternatingly funny, human, and incisive texts from a friend. Then lunch. Chicken "what the heck is in this soup"? Cheese (because it is really hard to mess up a piece of cheese). Venga Rehydrate. Cause it's good for me. The day is three quarters done and I've accomplished nothing. Nothing. No meetings this afternoon, so I might actually get something done. Maybe. So, it is safe to say - Monday is a bad monkey day and there are no cookies. Time to hit the reboot button.

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