Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A More Focused Night

I definitely moved through today with more focus than Tuesday. I would probably credit most of it to having completed the first pass at the messy data analysis - it was both a load off my mind and it managed to let me slip out of the analytical portion of my brain. Work-wise, today was mostly weaving in and out of meetings - I think I had one complete, non-meeting, hour at the end of the day which allowed me to take care of a few things and get the deck stacked for tomorrow. I've only got three meetings tomorrow, so it should be a relatively productive day.

I definitely came home with more focus than I had last night. Last night was the rambling night I documented, but also a quiet night - I basically just sat in the stillness of the living room and read, then wrapped the evening with TR and fell fast asleep. Tonight when I got home I felt far more engaged. I watched a couple of programs I had stored up on the DVR ("Glee", "Chuck", "V", and "Mad Love"), I put a couple of miles on the exercise box, and I boxed the old PS2 and all the associated bits, pieces, and games for donation. It still works fine, but I haven't really played any of the games in, well, years. It was time to let it go. Time to set it free. Someone can buy it for $20.00 at Goodwill and get many hours of simple enjoyment out of it.

It is kind of strange to me how I seem to move through my simplifying in waves. I've pretty much stripped my possessions down to things that are either actively used or purposefully saved for another purpose or time. I went through my bookshelf the other weekend to see what I could donate there and to my surprise, I was really only able to purge less than a single shelves worth. What remains are art, poetry, and functional (in use) reference.

I still have one significant area to purge and it is one of the "big" to do items on my list. I have a dozen boxes stored in the spare bedroom - they are a mixture of old personal papers and miscellaneous keepsakes. I suspect I will be lucky if I will be able to pare it down to six boxes, but even that will be six less anchors holding me in place.

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