Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Randomly Streaming Thoughts

I think the end of the day officially begins when I come in the door, regardless of what time it is. Today was a fairly long day - twelve hours had elapsed before I graced my own apartment again. Most of the afternoon at work was spent in report massaging - pulling together data from three disparate reports, normalizing it, and then reassembling it in a manner that coaxed the meaning from it. Alas, there was no happy ending for the report. The happy ending was that I got to go home and I won't have to worry about scrambling to complete the report prior to the meeting tomorrow, at which point we are going to discuss the report.

It was a nice enough weekend - low key, enjoyable. I saw "Battle: Los Angeles" which was amusing for what it was. I had breakfast with friends, which was amusing for what it was. I did some wandering, I ran some errands, I did some laundry, I practiced pool, I watched a pair of Roger Corman movies, I watched some "Better Off Ted" on DVD, I finished reading "Replay" (Excellent by the way), and I am nearly finished reading "Helmet for My Pillow" by EB Sledge (one of the Marines on whose work Tom Hank's HBO series "The Pacific" was based. I did some incidental housecleaning.

Monday was a little on the hectic side - I worked virtually, since I had a series of appointments that ran through the morning - Doctor, Post-Office, and Miscellaneous. They all went fairly smoothly and I spent the afternoon working from home as well, so that by the time evening fell I was already in home and already tired. I actually took a nap for a while, then woke, then spent time with TR, then went back to sleep, then dreamed dreams I don't really recall. Then I woke up and went to work and well, we know how that ended (with me walking in the door at the start fo this entry). I am planning on writing some more about "Replay", since it was such an excellent book, but tonight my brain is still collating and normalizing data, so I figured I would let it run it's course while I did sort of a streaming thoughts thing here.

Let me check and see if there is anything else streaming through my thoughts - hmmm, not that I can see. I will take that as a sign to end this here! Goodnight.

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