Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Being and Rambling

I came home from work tonight in the mood for a simple dinner, so opted for an egg white omelet with cheese, topped with salsa. It was pretty tasty and hit the spot I was aiming at. I often find the best meals are the simplest meals. The simplicity of a meal allows the purity of the associated tastes to come through. Though, in light of that, I am not really sure it applies to salsa, which can be a pretty complex concoction.

I moved pretty smoothly through the day today (Tuesday). Monday was a bit chaotic at the office, compounded by my having woken up so early in the morning. Last night when I got home I fixed dinner (grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches), took a long soaking bath, and then settled in to watch a couple of programs on the DVR (I caught up on "Justified" with Timothy Olyphant), and capped the evening with T.R..

Last night, I slept well, and then I made it a point to linger in bed this morning, not overly long, just long enough so my body understood that I was lingering. I slipped into the office, worked for a while, attended a cycle of meetings, took lunch, then back to massage some reports. I am working on a custom report request from my management that involves welding together some disparate data elements, so one of the first steps was to normalize the data as best I could. It was intensive and detailed work, and I've probably got a couple of more hours to go, but I should wrap it up tomorrow. Once the data is all normalized, analyzing it is far easier.

My boss is out of the office for four to eight weeks, so my anxiety level was a little high on Monday, but is settling down now - I am sure things will progress smoothly. However, that certainty didn't really help to pull the anxiety down. I could feel the stress getting to me Monday morning, so I made it a point to stop - take a walk, breathe, have a snack, and then resume working and that approach to resetting the day seemed to work fairly well. I am not carrying the full load for my absent boss, she did a good job of delegating it across her analysts, so that helps a lot too.

Tonight, I really don't have a plan and I realize I am just kind of sitting here, typing, and rambling. Sometimes good insights or commentary arises in the semi-aimless writing, but expecting that would be a little optimistic tonight. Tonight is a night of just being. Purely and simply.

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