Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turn About Twice

I had an amusing start to the day.

First, I slept in an extra hour, in part because I am still adjusting to the change to daylight savings time and in part because I planned on starting the day with a visit to the lab so they could draw blood for routine testing. So far, so good.

I drove over to the lab and spent a few minutes walking around the complex because it was strangely laid out (probably the result of organic growth over time). Eventually, I found the door into the lab, then proceeded to sit and wait. The actual process of drawing blood took all of five minutes, if that. The technician was good and there was nary a pin-prick of pain involved. But, the sitting, waiting, and paperwork filled the better part of thirty minutes.

Successfully drained of blood, I set out to wind my way into work. Unfortunately, it was during the height of commuting traffic.

I dropped down to Steven’s Creek, curled around and headed for 280 N. Fortunately, I could see it was completely stopped ahead, so I took 280 S. instead (wrong direction number one). I went down to City College, got off the interstate, turned around and got back on 280 N., heading for 880 N. I could instantly see that is was also at a complete standstill, so I did a quick lane change and found myself on 17 S. (wrong direction number two). I headed down 17 S. and decided…not to play with traffic any more. I dropped off at Hamilton, drove down Bascom to Goodies II and stopped for breakfast of Huevos Mexicanos, hash browns, wheat toast with orange marmalade, and a cup of black coffee.

After breakfast I headed into the office – this time, it went smoothly – 17 N. to 280 S. to Sunnyvale-Saratoga north, then into the office just in time to make the first meeting of the day! Almost perfect timing. Except for the whole ending up heading in the wrong direction twice.

On the plus side of the day though – a nice bit of time spent with T.R. to start the day, a nice extra hour of sleep, a skilled technician at the lab, and an excellent breakfast.

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