Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once Again, The Signs of Spring

Sliding out of the weekend into this week we encountered the first true days of spring here. The birds have returned. The trees, bushes, and plants are exploding in a variety of colors, releasing all their wonderful pollens to torment the allergies and today the temperature is supposed to reach 80 degrees or above. Unseasonably warm, but not a record. Last night was the first night in a long time that I fell asleep with the windows open. Simply beautiful.

Today is effectively my Friday. I took tomorrow off so I can head up to SF for the long weekend with friends, attending Wondercon and just enjoying that mostly beautiful city. Late yesterday afternoon I finished a sizeable piece of work that was among my main priorities this week, so I am moving into the weekend with a relatively clear mind, at least work wise. I was going to take Monday off, but I decided that I am most likely going to come in anyway. I have a meeting that I would like to attend on Monday morning and we will be approaching some decision points on another project and I’d like to be here to sort of shepherd them through. I may work a short day, leave early in the afternoon to catch a movie of something.

But, all of that is stuff for another today, what matters most of all is that – spring is finally upon us in all its glory. I was telling T.R. this morning about an encounter I had yesterday with a California Jay. I was walking around the building here at work and there was a California Jay perched on a tree branch near the sidewalk. He was in the process of establishing his territory and he was not going to give me an inch, fiercely challenging me as I approached and walked by. I am certain he puffed up as I walked away, proud of his determination! Once again, the signs of spring.

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