Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Rainy Mornings Commentary

I woke this morning to the sound of pouring rain. It was nice to just lay there, snuggled tightly under the comforter, nice and warm, and listen to that liquid hushing sound. We’re bracketed by spring storms here, but the gray, wet, and cold is alleviated by the knowledge that spring is rapidly approaching. Hot Coffee and T.R. were an excellent start to a rainy morning.

One evening last week, as I worked at my computer in the spare bedroom, I could hear the birds singing outside, calling to each other and calling to spring. The trees have not yet blossomed, but they are heavily budded and just waiting for a short run of sunshine to explode in waves of pollen and cascades of color. I am looking forward to the visuals, just not to the pollen.

The commute into work this morning in the rain was kind of serene, except for the moment near Kaiser on Lawrence Expressway where the woman in the Toyota decided to try and share my lane – at the same time I was in it. That was a nice little thrill.

The office is relatively quiet this morning, which is nice, and I am making good progress through my action items list. This is my short week, so it is already half-way over, with the weekend waiting right around the corner.

It should be a nice weekend – Saturday I will socialize with friends and then Sunday a bunch of us are going to get together to go see Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”, which my friends have been anticipating, since they enjoyed “300” and “Watchmen” (or as I like to refer to it – “The Giant Blue Dingus Movie”).

Then, of course, next weekend a bunch of us are going to head up to San Francisco for Wondercon 2011, which should also be a great time. I hope the weather lets up on us, as I recall that last year’s trip to Wondercon was also a rainy affair.

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