Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Android Experience - A Dream

It was a mash up of a dream - in the dream I was some sort of investigator. I had come to very a remote place where they were having problems with their android - in the dream it was a town called Parmalee, in South Dakota.

They had an old android that was being replaced by a young android, and the old android was training the young android. The old android lived in a small house (what was called a "transitional") with almost no furnishings.

The old android had reported problems with the young android - specifically, each night the young android went to sleep, in the morning when it woke it had no memory of the events of the day before - it was a clean slate, as far as past experiences were concerned.

This was reported as a problem because the young android was not learning - but, I was trying to understand just why that was a problem. It meant that in every action, the young android was fresh and unburdened by the events of the prior day.

So prior experience, good or bad, did not influence the young android in its interactions with people - each interaction was fresh and new and based entirely on the immediate circumstance, not prior events and outcomes. It was, in the mornings analysis, a very cool dream.

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