Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Before

I was done by about 4:00 PM last night.  The week of starting early (around 5:00 AM) and diving right into work caught up with me.  I met Tony for pizza, but I was on the verge of napping through dinner.  The Tiramisu had some temporary restorative effects, enough for me to make it home, but it did not last much longer than that. I hit the bed about 7:00 PM, had a good conversation with T.R., then rallied just long enough to make sure all the windows were closed and the apartment locked up.

I woke up, the first time, at about 3:30 AM and then managed to cat nap until about 5:30 and then eased out of bed and into the day. I made it a point to linger through the morning, eat a leisurely breakfast, watch the morning news, and then commute into the office.  Except, I got into the office and realized I had left some notes I was working on yesterday at home.  I tried to work without them, but I realized I was covering ground that I had covered last night, so I repeated the commute in reverse.  I drove home, picked up the papers, then came back to the office, where I’ve actually had a more productive morning.

It is blissfully quiet here at the office. With the Memorial Day holiday right ahead of us, I am sure many people took the day off to extend the long weekend, and I am sure many others are going to work a short day.  Because of the hours I worked earlier in the week, I may join the ranks of the people who are short cycling the day and start the weekend a few hours early.  I am definitely looking forward to the three day weekend.

My trip back to visit family in SD is moving steadily toward me. I will fly back on the 15th of June for about 10 days.  In one of the weird things of timing, T.R. will be heading out for a two week work/vacation trip, so we’ll be traveling at the same time, but not together or to the same destinations.  We are both going to take advantage of it and probably drop off the grid for a while.

Dropping off the grid, disconnecting from the Matrix, is almost always a good thing because it gives our brain time to rest and relax.  We definitely live in an over stimulated world.  Last night, when I got home and before I tucked it in for an early night, I also disconnected from everything by spending the evening in silence.  That is always enjoyable and it always serves to remind me that I need to do that more often.

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