Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily Life: A Cold California Morning

It was a beautiful morning - we got very cold here last night, dropping down below freezing in some parts of the bay area. It was 35 when I woke up and headed out to work today - crisp, clear and cold! There was a reward though - a stunning beautiful and very clear moon hanging over the horizon. I bought a new camera over the weekend (the Sony H50) but I haven't yet mastered it yet, so I did not have it with me. If the weather is clear again tomorrow, or perhaps later tonight, I will break out the tripod and the new camera and see what kind of picture I can get. The old camera didn't have either the zoom or the resolution to get clear lunar pictures or star-field pictures. So, I am looking forward to that.

Work went pretty smoothly today - I came in early to get a good jump on the day because I had a block of meetings in the middle of the day and it worked out well. Besides getting a chance to see that stunningly beautiful moon I managed to resolve a few customer issues that had been lingering. There is also always one big advantage to coming into work early in the morning and that is the nine hours of a normal work day end in the early afternoon, giving me plenty of time to wander my way home and laze into the evening - which is exactly what my plan is tonight.

My nephew Tom, who has lived with me the last year and a half, moved out on Friday. He didn't move far, he just moved into a shared duplex with a friend of his about a half mile away (a ten minute walk or so). I am sure I will miss him at some point, but right now I am relishing having my own space back. It is…very nice. That is one of the reasons I am looking forward to going home in the evening. Does that make me a bad person? LOL - no, I don't think it does. There are plenty of other things that can make me a bad person, so that one doesn't even register on the scale of good and bad in my book.

My plan tonight is pretty simple - I think I am going to order a pizza, open the blinds so the sun floods the living room, and read and write my way into the night. I will most likely monkey with the camera for a while. I may pop online and wander the chat rooms for a while. I may do a little incidental cleaning in the house. I may do all of the above or I may do none of the above. I love those kind of evenings where I have nothing that has to be done burning at me.

(Update: Pizza has arrived, I am going to settle in, eat pizza and watch a National Geographic program on Blue Whales. An excellent start to the evening.)

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