Monday, March 16, 2009

Daily Life: Liszt Variations

The phone woke me at 4:00 a.m. this morning. Fortunately I had fallen
crisply and cleanly to sleep last night, so I was relatively bright
eyed this morning. I logged on and worked virtually for a pair of
hours as I had my morning cup of coffee and a hot bowl of oatmeal. I
spilled milk on my shirt, which necessitated a change of clothing and
a second shower.

The crisis of the day was resolved, so I ran through the shower and
then started my morning commute. I was early enough that traffic was
mostly light and the commute was smooth. I was listening to Melissa
Etheridge as I drove through the morning darkness and I thought of the
vast "commonality of the commuter". All of those millions of people
who were doing exactly what I was doing - with minor variations.

For some unfathomable reason it made me think of Liszt's Variations on
a Theme of Bach. If you are unfamiliar with it, Liszt takes the
descending bass lines from the opening of a Bach sonata and expands on
it. It is a beautiful, if tortured, piece of music.

Once in the office I have settled in for the day, which should be
fairly routine. One of our customers is out for a three day meeting.
My boss and a couple of my analysts will be attending and I will be
holding down the fort while they are meeting so my day should pass

I've been struggling against a bit of writers block the last week or
so and it is starting to feel like it is going to break free this
week, so I am looking forward to that - I am curious as to what is
going to pop out.

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