Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily Life: I Dream of Villiers Head

I had this dream several days ago and jotted down some quick notes, I
thought I would take a few minutes and share it because it was weird
and I am going to blame Repairman Jack. (I just started reading "By
The Sword", a Repairman Jack novel by F. Paul Wilson.)

I dreamt I was in a French manor. It was late at night. A cabal of men
in dark suits had gathered for the presentation of Villier's Head.
This was an ritual designed to celebrate their triumph over there
greatest enemy and celebrate thier power.

The dream was very clear on the presentation being of Villier's head.
I woke up and googled. The most prominent historical figure I found
was George Villiers - the 2nd Duke of Buckingham. He seems to have led
an interesting life. Pity about his head.

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