Monday, March 9, 2009

Reflections on an Ordinary Sunday

I had a very nice and very ordinary Sunday. I slept in. I woke up and made coffee and scrambled some eggs for breakfast. I went online and chatted for a while. I watched the sun burn off the clouds. If there was a motif that ran through the day it was the zen simplicity of ordinary things.

I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen, pretty much top to bottom, including the refrigerator, the stove top, and the oven. I cleaned all the counter-tops and cupboards as well. At the end of several hours I had a very shiny kitchen and a very empty refrigerator.

From there, I packed several baskets and headed down to the Laundromat, where I did several loads. In between loads I wandered around Westgate West and just peeked into places. I stopped at OSH and bought a new pad and cover for my ironing board.

When my laundry was finished I packed it up and went home and then circled back out and went to Safeway to restock the aforementioned refrigerator.

Interwoven through the day were telephone calls and emails from friends and family and loved ones. All in all, in the scheme of things, I considered it one very nice day - well spent in very ordinary things.

The shift over to daylight savings time didn't really affect me on Sunday, but I felt it this morning when I had to get up and come into work. Even now my eyelids are drooping a bit and I am in need of a nap.

The morning here at work has been fairly busy - not chaotic, but verging on the chaotic. In other words, it has been and continues to be a typical Monday morning. The sun is shining brightly out there and the sky is a brilliant blue, even though it remains a bit on the chilly side. It was forty-four degrees when I drove into the office this morning and now the temperature is hovering around forty-eight degrees.

Our long stretch of rain was starting to get to me, like it usually does. As much as I like the rain, I am often very glad when it is finished and the sun light returns. With the switch to daylight savings time I am exciting about getting the evenings back! I love walking and it is much nicer taking that walk when there is still a little bit of sun to enjoy. All neighborhoods look alike in the dark. In the subtleties of the twilight each takes on its own magical characteristics.

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